Variation I

He moved large stones to build a platform for his mattress on the side of the hill.


Another he loves streets and saints saying what needs to be said.

We shared a lover.  She gave him to me in her freedom and his excellence.
We the shes stood there like speaking.  Then a soft cheek.

The plants spoke to her and said love the people love your husband or was it the people.  The people said love the people love me.  Everyone saw her love and leaves and care.

The plants spoke to her and she understood love the people. Love your husband.
Long hair to sweep herself off her feet.


My first love kept me from loving.  So did my second so on and so forth so and on so.

Would you know what to do with a band?
Form a gang slowly.
Does your band need a singer?  I know a singer looking for a band.

You lick me here and we wont tell anyone.  I won’t sleep for years.

How are you
you are how.  How are you so good he asked her.
How are you still so good she asks him he asks her.

She gave me a Chinese man bobble head then skipped a third.
You were supposed to be my fourth Asian friend.  You spoke not much.  You spoke Spanish.  I always hope to speak not much but not where I cannot speak.  Where I can speak not much.

Equal intelligence
He thinks there are dumb people but so do I different.  He might be dumber than I am.

“The small chance that they might meet later in life and be unaware of the relationship raises health concerns about their potential offspring.”

There are not two of you but two of you did say leave your house and eat some food with.

You like more than you let on sleeping in moving.

Everyone walked awkwardly backwards through the park.
A gate is missing.
There is no gate.