Variation II

I loved many trying to do what you’re trying to do.  Yes that way like we did it.


Father does and tries.
Are you a happy guy?  Yes I am.  Are you a sad guy?  Yes.

She is a demon in my words not like your sexy deep voice and small breasts.  Is it her was it her I know it was her here it is because of her I can make her make it her to you.  Mountain flesh grasps for steam.  Everyone’s invited.

He will not tell he will never tell a soul that makes it okay.  V on top.

First he met someone who was not selfish and he loved him.
Then he met someone who was selfish and he loved him.  Then he met every other man ever and they were all selfish.
Selfish to a market.


I stand there both hands in hands a lesser lover and a lesser friend.

It’s not a creepy kind of darkness she went out in search of.  For some people it’s I have a girlfriend for some it’s I love her the night wanted to see true darkness. A new camera.  She photographed her in absolute darkness.

Night after night your health saves you.

Scarry ain’t that scary neither is he who teaches.

She’s married and still has sex, not with her wife or anyone. With air.
The gays are getting married!

Twenty-eight and Twenty-four
I wonder if this is what it was like for Audrey in high school, dating that uncircumcised boy Tristan.

Like loving beasts.

Toward nothing.

Pointy shoulders and healthy will die together.

Every time he looked at her she smiled, happily or excitedly, or sexy shy.  She asked him what he needed. She told him what she wanted, but if need be she conceded.  Every time he looked at her she smiled, happily or excitedly, or sexy shy.  Then one day he looked at her when she did not know he was looking, and he saw something he had never seen before.  There was no color in her skin, not in her clothes or in her eyes.  Then he saw the sadness living inside her. He knew it had not come from him even though he felt guilty as if it had.  He knew it had grown there all along a small grey finned creature burning in a brilliant grey liquid light.